Author: <span class="vcard">Adrian</span>

Unity game

I’ve been working on a game using the Unity game engine and I finally have a very (very) simple playable level! The game features a dog whose goal is to collect all the treats in the level as fast as possible. Give it a try here.

Lego RCX C++ programming on Ubuntu 16.04

These are the steps I followed in order to program the RCX brick under Ubuntu 16.04 in C++. The documentation from is mostly still accurate with a few changes: The package “legos” is no longer available, but you can find it as “brickos” so you install it with $ sudo apt-get install brickos The makefile  /usr/lib/brickos/Makefile.common…

Triangle and plane intersection

How to determine if a triangle intersects a plane? How to form a triangle (or two triangles) from one side of the intersection? Let’s start by defining a triangle as a set of three points \(a,b,c\) and a plane as a point \(q\) and a normal vector \(\hat{n}\). To answer the first question – how to determine…